The following text outlines the standard Terms and Conditions of Zeus Investments.

Throughout these contractual conditions, Zeus Investments will be referred to as the Company, and any account belonging to the Client will be referred to as the Client. These terms and conditions have been detailed and signed by the Director or Directors of the Company and confirmed by the Client. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the Client enters into a legally binding agreement with the Company.

The term "Terms and Conditions" refers to the business terms and conditions of Zeus Investments that govern the execution of the Client's orders. This includes the agreement of alignment policy, Client categorization, and information published on the company's website, which may be amended with the Client's approval. The term "Company" refers to Zeus Investments, its subsidiaries, any third-party legal representation, directors, board executives, key company stakeholders, signatories, and decision makers.

The Company's Terms and Conditions serve as the basis for the development of products and services that are suitable and appropriate for the Client. These Terms and Conditions take precedence over any previous agreements or arrangements, whether expressed or implied, made by the Company.

The Terms and Conditions will become effective upon the prospective Client's receipt of an email containing confirmation of Account Opening, provision of Account Reference Number & Password, Order Confirmation, and Banking Instructions related to the designated Clearing House for the mentioned transaction.

Unless otherwise specified, the defined terms included in these Terms and Conditions shall have a specific meaning and be used in singular or plural form as appropriate. Unless stated otherwise, the definitions of Terms shall have the same meaning as commonly understood. Authorized Representative refers to the individual or entity authorized by the Client to act on their behalf.

Communications - The Client acknowledges that the official language of the Company is English. The Client also acknowledges that the Company's standard mode of communication is verbal, through telephone conversations that are recorded, as well as electronic, through email.

Balance refers to the funds available in the Client's account that can be utilized for Investment Transaction purposes. Balance Currency denotes the currency in which the Client Account is denominated. It is important to note that all charges, including commission, are calculated in this currency. Business Day signifies a day on which the Company is open for business. Client refers to the natural or legal person who has received the email and signed the contract mentioned in the introductory clause.

Charges shall refer to the commission rate of 1% applied to the total entry amount of any transaction and 1% on the total sell value at the time of exit. The Client will be notified of this confirmation. Entry refers to a transaction or position that has not yet been exited. Equity refers to the balance plus or minus any profit or loss resulting from holding an asset. Exit refers to the opposite of any entered transaction or position. Value Date refers to the date when funds are delivered. If the Client decides not to make an investment, there will be no charge for our advice. We believe that regular and ongoing advice allows us to ensure that your investment continues to meet your objectives.

Our company offers a comprehensive brokerage advisory service. We aim to manage your account by providing access to major market exchanges, utilizing industry-accepted risk modeling, and utilizing all available market instruments according to the Client's specifications. Before making any investment decisions, we will ensure that the investment is suitable for the Client's needs.

Afterwards, we will contact the Client to discuss our ability to develop an approach that is best suited and most appropriate for both the Company and the Client's combined portfolio philosophy.

We will provide investment advice that has been expertly sourced, compiled, and agreed upon in accordance with the Company's philosophy, and it will relate to financial transactions and investment strategies, including charges and tax benefits.

From time to time, and as often as necessary, the Company may issue materials containing information about financial market conditions and economic activities, which will be posted on our website and other media. It is the Client's responsibility to inform the Company of their financial status. The Client will be provided with the highest level of regulatory protection. The Company will always conduct the Client's transactions in good faith.

May I request a withdrawal of my funds?

You are permitted to make withdrawals from your account at your discretion, provided there is a cash balance available. These withdrawals can be made on a regular basis, such as monthly or annually. The minimum amount that can be withdrawn is US$5,000 or its equivalent in another currency.

The amount of taxes and charges you incur may vary depending on the method of withdrawal. The most suitable approach will depend on your individual circumstances. Prior to making a withdrawal, it is advisable to consult with your Authorized Representative at the Company. They will provide guidance on the available options based on your local tax laws.

Scope of Authority

Authorized Representatives of the Company are solely authorized to represent the Company for the purpose of advising on wealth management products and services offered by companies within the Company's Group. Are there any rights of refusal? - If we believe that a request you make may not comply with applicable laws, rules, or regulations:

We reserve the right to delay or refuse to take action. We shall not be held liable for any losses, costs, claims, or expenses arising from such delays or refusals. Funds being transferred into the investment may be held in a separate account while we verify our ability to fulfill your instructions. The investment will be made on the date we determine that we can proceed with your instructions. For funds being transferred out of the investment, we may withdraw the funds as per your instruction and hold them in a separate account while we confirm our ability to make payment to you.

Client Identification and Know Your Client (KYC) Process

The Company is obligated to comply with Anti Money Laundering and Anti Terrorist Activity regulations by verifying the identity of all applicants, beneficiaries, as well as other associated parties such as Trustees and Attorneys. To accomplish this, we will electronically verify your identity using public records through an independent agency. It is important to note that this verification process will not have any impact on your credit rating.

Data Protection Regulations

The Company acts as the data controllers for any personal data that you provide to us during this review, as well as any personal data that you subsequently provide or that is processed in connection with the products and services we offer.

We will collect and utilize your personal data, including your name, contact details, health information, family and lifestyle information, personal assets and liabilities, tax and residency details, and information about financial products you already possess (such as pensions and protection). This data will be used for the purpose of providing financial advice and services, administration, communication, risk assessments, fraud prevention, and other regulatory or legal purposes.

In the event that we need to collect special categories of data (such as health information), we will seek your consent and provide a clear explanation as to why we require this data, the consequences of not providing it, and what will happen if consent is later withdrawn.

If you are providing us with personal data about another individual, it is your responsibility to inform them that their information will be shared with us, direct them to our privacy notice, and obtain their consent for the use of their special categories of personal data, such as health information, if it is deemed necessary.

For more information regarding our use of your personal data and your rights, please refer to our Privacy Policy, which can be accessed at

If you have any inquiries regarding the personal data we may hold about you or how your personal data is processed, please contact our Data Protection Officer at



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