ZEUS attend Fintech World Forum

June 2022

Held every year in London, United Kingdom, the Fintech World Forum event focuses on the latest innovations and opportunities in the global finance industry. Topics span from how important innovation is in finance, what would future of payment be like, how open banking and cryptocurrencies have evolved, to the intelligent automation in financial markets.

Our attendance

3 Zeus employees attended the event, as part of an ongoing initiative that actively increases the financial agents knowledge of upcoming changes in the market. Zeus employee’s are sent out to these type of financial events 4-5 times a year on average. The progressive approach to financial market is a way for Zeus to stay ahead of their competitors and provide the best services possible in an ever changing environment.

Topics of the day

Topics covered over the two day event included, how cryptocurrencies can shape fintech education, money and the metaverse, the transition to autonomous finance, transformation of international payments and Advances in AI for private equity fund administration to name a few. Topics were discussed by over 25 speakers through various panels and discussions over the two event days.

fintech press image for Zeus Investments. Global financial advice



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