Hydrogen might be the future of renewable energy

July 2023

Expert advisory firm Zeus Invesments take a deeper look into the energy sector and specifically into renewable energy in the form of hydrogen.

Hydrogen has emerged as an important part of the new energy model to ensure a sustainable future for all. The falling costs for hydrogen produced with renewable energy has given green hydrogen exceptional momentum.

Currently, hydrogen plays only a minor role in the overall energy supply. There are challenges in terms of cost-competitiveness, scale of production, infrastructure needs and perceived safety. However, hydrogen is expected to enable emission-free transport, heating and industrial processes as well as inter-seasonal energy storage in the future.

Is hydrogen a renewable?

There are various types of hydrogen, categorized by production process and the resulting emissions. Green hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water using electricity from renewable sources and emits no greenhouse gases during its production.

What are the benefits of hydrogen?

Nearly all hydrogen - 95% -  is produced by fossil fuels, which release 70-100 million tonnes of CO2 every year. According to research hydrogen could account for up to 20% of the worlds energy by 2050 if the market and industry adapt.

Given its properties, hydrogen can be a beneficial fuel because Its use for energy purposes does not cause greenhouse gas emissions and water is the only by-product of the process. It can be used to produce other gases, as well as liquid fuels. Existing infrastructure including gas transport and gas storage can be re-purposed for hydrogen cutting down on new infrastructure development costs. It has a higher energy density than batteries so can be used for long-distance and heavy-goods transport.

What companies are at the forefront of the hydrogen revolution?

  • Sinopec Based in Beijing, China - Total Market Cap: $67.93B
  • Air Liquide S.A. Based in Paris, France - Total Market Cap: $140.5B
  • Linde plc Based in Berlin, Germany - Total Market Cap: $165.3B
  • Shell plc Based in London, United Kingdom - Total Market Cap: $166.1B
  • Reliance Industries Ltd Based in Mumbai, India - Total Market Cap: $206.1B

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