2023 Forecast on the Lithium market

January 2023

Lithium prices are expected to push even higher to keep up with demand. Existing producers supplying the market today must double every two to three years for the next decade to keep up with this demand.

As the demand for lithium continues to grow global, all global regions are working on increasing production of battery-grade lithium. Further developments within the EV and renewable energy markets are also increasing the demand for lithium. Increased competition at all levels of global supply chains are sure to keep prices high. Lithium is critical to the energy and transport sectors. It is an element that will provide power in the future, reduce energy costs, and help build a more sustainable industry.

The lithium market went through a dip in May and June of 2022. Mostly big lithium stocks recovered really fast, while other lithium stocks are consolidating.

Lithium market drivers

1.The price of lithium. Think of it as ‘spot lithium.’
2.The supply deficit in the lithium market.
3. Expect a positive return once markets start to calm.
4.The 5 year lithium price chart is insanely bullish.

The reason the lithium price is rising is that we believe the lithium market is going to enter a supply/demand deficit by 2025. In a report from leading lithium forecasters, estimates of the exact deficit details range from 12-17%.

How to profit from this bullish lithium prediction?

Because of the coming deficit in the lithium market, the booming lithium price is predicted to only increase in 2023.

Here are some things to take into account when selecting a lithium stock:

1. Size of the lithium deposit.
2. Richness of the lithium deposit.
3. Expected year of production.
4. Production volume.
5. Cost of production.

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