Porsche Stock Surging Since IPO Launch

December 2022

Automotive experts Porsche have recently seen an increase in investments after high profile bank’s return their reports. This showed a rise for Porsche pushing the share price to €105. Shares have been on the rise since the launch on the Frankfurt stock exchange in September at a price of €82.50.

Some of the banks predictions pushed the ratings to new levels such as;

  • - JP Morgan launched its coverage with a high rating and a bullish price target of €140.
  • - Citi researchers gave a buy rating to the company with a €120 prediction.
  • - Deutsche Bank started with a buy rating and a target price of €115.
  • - Bank Of America gave a medium rating and a price objective of €110.

The average target price on Porsche being in the €108 area.

The (QIA) Qatar Investment Authority was the the main investor of the IPO, committing to acquire 4.99% of the preferred shares for €1.74 Billion to €1.88 Billion. Goldman Sachs Group Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co. And other bank analysts rated the Automotive experts a buy with a focus on its brand presence, move onto electric vehicles and excellent financial performance.

Electric vehicles by Porsche

Seen as a “modern day” technology, electric vehicles have been big news over the past decade as a calling for more environmentally friendly vehicles is much needed. Porsche don’t see it this way as electric motors have always been an item of Porsche interest. The history of Porsche begins with the electric motor as one of the first vehicles the founder of the company Ferdinand Porsche designed had an electric drive.

Today Porsche offers both all-electric and plug-in hybrid models.

  • - Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) are fitted with an electric motor and a lithium-ion battery. In the Porsche Taycan, the 800 volt battery architecture offers high levels of continuous power to the drive train, shortens charging time and helps reduce the overall weight of the car.
  • - Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) are fitted with an electric motor, a lithium-ion battery and a combustion engine. Porsche PHEV models benefit from various driving modes, whether that be just combustion engine, electric only, or a combination of both.

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