Growing interest in Discord

April 2022

Discord is a online communications app that includes chat, audio and video. It also allows users to create groups and communities together. It is available on platforms such as Windows, iOS, Android, Xbox, and PlayStation which has allowed for numerous main stream game companies to have their own dedicated servers with discord. Numerous professional groups are learning how effective Discord is as a substitute for Slack, Zoom, and other communication apps.

What is Discord Worth

Forbes estimated that discord could be worth up to $17 billion. Discord has had a busy fund raising past year as it raised $100 million in December 2020, then raised an additional $600 million in September 2021.

Is a Discord IPO possible?

Since late 2021, investors have shown interest in Discord's potential initial public offering (IPO). Prior to a new public offering, a non-public firm would normally raise money through private equity rounds, which are typically restricted to institutional or accredited investors.

Should I invest?

Investor interest is at an all-time high in the digital gaming business. If you can invest in Discord shares in the Pre-IPO Secondary Market, you may be in line for a significant gain when the IPO occurs. The SEC has yet to receive documentation from the business to commence the IPO process. While there is no formal IPO date, clues about the company's future aspirations to go public should get investors excited about Discord stock.

Discord press image for Zeus Investments. Global financial advice



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