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With decades of experience in the financial services sector, we remain committed to providing professional wealth management advice that is tailored to our clients’ unique needs and requirements.


Many of our clients are looking for their assets to last throughout their retirement years whilst generating income. We therefore take a longer-term view towards our advice and goals.


Our qualified professionals can provide you with advice whenever you need it. Together using our online live chat, contact forms, email & telephone service, we can ensure that you are never left in the dark.

Our primary goal is to help clients achieve their investing goals through active and personalised asset management. When it comes to making a smart investment, it is recommended to get assistance from financial advisers. With a vast range of financial companies available these days, it becomes difficult to choose someone that has your best interests in mind. We put your best interests first.

Saving and investing does not have to be difficult thanks to our clear investment advice. With financial advice drawn from the open market, your savings can become opportunities to maximise on the best solutions available. Our professional advisers listen, discuss and ensure proper understanding of your current circumstances with a compassionate and collaborative approach.

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Take Control of Your Savings & Investments

Using our online savings & investments platform you have instant access to your portfolio and you can track performance in real time.

Transparent and honest expert financial advice are values we hold in high regard. Our online savings & investment portfolio puts you, the investor, in control. There are no hidden fees and you get access to the best value international financial products and services available.

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Equity investment is money invested in a company by buying shares in the stock market.

It is important to note that the value of your stock may go up or down depending on the value of the underlying company.

Funds Management

Funds management is the act of managing a pool of money on behalf of others to maximize growth and longevity.

We manage all governance activities related to the management of your funds which are fully aligned with your internal processes.


We offer advice to individuals and financial institutions about working in the fast-paced sector of cryptocurrency.

We work with traders, exchanges and NFT-related businesses. Our experts make it easy to implement policies that meet regulations.

Offshore Funds

We work with institutional investors around the world to help clients advance their goals.

With industry-leading skills in structured finance, including commercial and public financial lending, we thoroughly understand the needs and challenges of our clients.

Asset Management

Asset management is about reducing the overall cost of managing, owning and operating infrastructure assets.

We offer competitively priced funds and individually managed strategies designed to meet the most important investor needs.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is where individuals invest to achieve various financial goals and accumulate wealth.

This process starts with setting financial goals and starting to invest through various financial instruments such as equity funds.


Read about all the latest market and company insights. Our aim is to keep all of our clients up to date as much as possible. This means providing regular company news and insights, monthly market updates and world economic announcements.

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Chinese Premier Defends EV Domination

Jul 2024

The dominance of China’s electric vehicles is a consequence of the country’s favorable industrial and commercial attributes insists Premier, Li Qiang.

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Anglo American To Break Up Its Business

Jun 2024

After rebuffing a second, higher bid from rival mining conglomerate, BHP, Anglo American has laid out its own restructuring plan to investors.

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Microsoft Backs Renewable Power For Data Centers

May 2024

Technology behemoth, Microsoft Inc. has signed a deal to invest over $10bn in renewable energy development to help power its data centers.

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Zeus To Launch Algal Biofuels Investment Research Unit

Apr 2024

Staff from Zeus Investments have unveiled plans to establish a team dedicated to researching investment opportunities in algae-based biofuels.

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We join the NVIDIA 2024 GPU Technology Conference

Mar 2024

Staff from Zeus Investments are excited about Nvidia’s flagship 2024 conference at the San Jose Convention Center in California from March 18th-21st.

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Upcoming Renewable Energy Investment Opportunities

Feb 2024

The renewable energy sector is booming, driven by increasing sustainability concerns, government incentives, and technological advancements.

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Nvidia: A Chipmaking Colossus for the Cutting Edge

Jan 2024

Nvidia’s products extend far beyond video games. This chipmaking behemoth has carved its name across the frontiers of artificial intelligence.

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Innovations in Environmentally Conscious Businesses

Dec 2023

As climate concerns rise, a new wave of companies is making waves with their commitment to environmental responsibility.




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