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With decades of experience in the financial services sector, we remain committed to providing professional wealth management advice that is tailored to our clients’ unique needs and requirements.


Many of our clients are looking for their assets to last throughout their retirement years whilst generating income. We therefore take a longer-term view towards our advice and goals.


Our qualified professionals can provide you with advice whenever you need it. Together using our online live chat, contact forms, email & telephone service, we can ensure that you are never left in the dark.

Our primary goal is to help clients achieve their investing goals through active and personalised asset management. When it comes to making a smart investment, it is recommended to get assistance from financial advisers. With a vast range of financial companies available these days, it becomes difficult to choose someone that has your best interests in mind. We put your best interests first.

Saving and investing does not have to be difficult thanks to our clear investment advice. With financial advice drawn from the open market, your savings can become opportunities to maximise on the best solutions available. Our professional advisers listen, discuss and ensure proper understanding of your current circumstances with a compassionate and collaborative approach.


International Professionals

Founded in 2012 from a merging of two financial firms, Zeus has since grown progressively year after year. Expanding from Europe and Asia to become an Internationally trusted brand and financial services provider.

Zeus Investments headquarters are situated in the prestigious business district of Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea. With a global reach we can provide a responsive service to clients locally and on time. Located in the Gangnam Finance Center of Seoul’s famed Gangnam Business District, our offices provide access to all the benefits of a bustling modern city.

We provide expert professional advice to financial institutions and individuals alike. With services that cover a range of the financial spectrum such as, equity investing, cryptocurrency, funds management, asset management and offshore funds services.

Philosophies that matter

We believe investment can be prominent on ethical and sustainability issues which is why our research teams identify investments that promote ethical and environmentally-friendly technologies and practices. More and more people are interested in ethical and green investments and we help them create portfolios that reflect what is important to them.

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Take Control of Your Savings & Investments

Using our online savings & investments platform you have instant access to your portfolio and you can track performance in real time.

Transparent and honest expert financial advice are values we hold in high regard. Our online savings & investment portfolio puts you, the investor, in control. There are no hidden fees and you get access to the best value international financial products and services available.

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Senior Staff

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Steven Michaels

Co Founder

Steven has been in the private equity and venture capital business in Asia since 1981. He has advised a number of companies on cross-border corporate finance transactions. He currently serves on the boards of several companies in the Asia-Pacific region.

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George Zhu

Co Founder/ CEO

George has 18 years of experience in investment banking and advisory, including: mergers and acquisitions & initial public offerings. He has executed over 100 mandates spanning various sectors, including trading and financial services.

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Ye-Jun Chang

Managing Director

Ye-Juns Responsibilities include investor relations, business development, technology and operations. With Over 11 years’ experience across finance in Asia and holding previous positions in senior finance and management for well established companies.

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Min Kwon

Chief Of Operations

Min oversees the maintaining of retail and institutional relationships with a focus on AML-KYC compliance and the running of everyday operations. He has over 8 years of experience across the finance industry and has a broad range of skills well suited to his role.

Our dedicated team

Paul Walton

Head of Private Equity

David Goldstein

Head of Venture Capital

Jee Tang

Financial Analyst

Christian Lightfoot

Financial Analyst

Daniel Smith

Financial Advisor

Dennis Rose

Financial Advisor

Joshua Mehan

Financial Advisor

Edward Whitney

Financial Advisor



Equity investment is money invested in a company by buying shares in the stock market.

It is important to note that the value of your stock may go up or down depending on the value of the underlying company.

Funds Management

Funds management is the act of managing a pool of money on behalf of others to maximize growth and longevity.

We manage all governance activities related to the management of your funds which are fully aligned with your internal processes.


We offer advice to individuals and financial institutions about working in the fast-paced sector of cryptocurrency.

We work with traders, exchanges and NFT-related businesses. Our experts make it easy to implement policies that meet regulations.

Offshore Funds

We work with institutional investors around the world to help clients advance their goals.

With industry-leading skills in structured finance including, commercial and public financial lending we thoroughly understand the needs and challenges of our clients.

Asset Management

Asset management is about reducing the overall cost of managing, owning and operating infrastructure assets.

We offer competitively priced funds and individually managed strategies designed to meet the most important investor needs.

Wealth Management

Wealth management is where individuals invest to achieve various financial goals and accumulate wealth.

This process starts with setting financial goals and starting to invest through various financial instruments such as equity funds.


Read about all the latest market and company insights. Our aim is to keep all of our clients up to date as much as possible. This means providing regular company news and insights, monthly market updates and world economic announcements.

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EU invests into rare earth material supply chain

March 2023

Europe are planning a state-led 1.7-billion euro investment into rare earth magnet production in an attempt to lift the EU raw materials value chain.

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Artificial Intelligence - market boom?

February 2023

AI technology is growing in popularity and investment, with Google, Amazon, Facebook, Baidu and Microsoft all investing heavily in it.

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2023 Forecast on the Lithium market

January 2023

Lithium prices are expected to push even higher to keep up with demand. Existing producers supplying the market today must double

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Porsche Stock Surging Since IPO Launch

December 2022

Automotive experts Porsche have recently seen an increase in investments after high profile bank’s return their reports.

Mobileye press image for Zeus Investments. Global financial advice

Mobileye, autonomous driving

October 2022

Intel owned Mobileye Global Inc, are a self-driving car company that have recently raised $861 million in a public offering.

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Investor focus on IPO’s

October 2022

After a slow start to this year in the IPO market, things are starting to turn favourable for investors.

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XPeng launch new EV Model G9

September 2022

XPeng have announced a reveal of their new EV (Electronic Vehicle) model the G9. It will be officially unveiled on September 21st.

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Intel Co-Investment Program

August 2022

Tech company Intel recently announced a Co-Investment Program (SCIP) that introduces a new funding model to the semiconductor industry.




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